Groupwork Challenge!

We would like you to imagine that you want to create a bridge blog!

What topic would you write about?

Which audience would you imagine?

Which type of media would you use?


Group 4

How to create a bridgeblog:

topic: favelas in brazil

languages: Portuguese, English, German

audience: the world (at least those who can speak english, portuguese and german)

media types: ALL the media types (texts, audio, video, images)

authors: Bob, guys from different favelas, guys from guys outside of favelas

sub-topics: police, everyday life, drugs, world cup, tourism, development of urban structures


Group 1

The Town Musicians of Bremen

A Bridge Blog about the music scene of the university of Bremen and their international partner universities


Every other week, we present innovative students making music. Our goal is to create a bridge between different universities around the world to create a network among creative people. The blog can be used as a platform to broadcast music that might not be present in mainstream broadcasting.

Lisa, Fritzi, Sabbi & Milli