Blogospheres around the world

Iran a.k.a. “weblogistan”

After the first Iranien blog wa created in 2001, the Iranian blogosphere grew fast, with over 75,000 blogs in 2004. The Iranien blogosphere is under heavy pressure from the authorities for criticizing the Iranian government. Several Iranien bloggers were arrested, some only for short times, others were put in jail for several years. There are difficulties in opening the Iranian blogosphere to a global audience, especially due to the language barrier. There were times when it gained global attention though, for example during the 2005 election controversy.


The Chinese blogosphere is also watched closely by the authorities, banning the use of words like “human rights”. These problems result in a heavy self-cencorship by Chinese bloggers:

“In fact, the bulk of voices in Chinese cyberspace today are more anti-American, more anti-Japanese, and more inclined to go to war against Taiwan than the Chinese government is. This is made more acute by the skewed mix of information Chinese internet-users are exposed to thanks to the Great Chinese Firewall…” (Rebecca Mac Kinnon)

East Africa

Based in Kenya and Tanzania, it has a strong influence on the East African printing press. It is not threatend too much by the authorities (for a change), but is also less influential in itself as there are few people with the possibility of accessing the internet in Kenya. There is a good likage to the global community, as there are many blog written in english.

Arab World

There are thriving blog communites in Irak, Jordan, Bahrain, Tunesia and others, which are linked well with each other. Also there is a strong emphasis on reaching out to the world. This is also working quite well, as there is a lot of attentian by global (especiall the U.S. and U.K.)blogs and media.


sorry for the long post, here is a potato:


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