Meet Ethan Zuckerman!

This is a drawing of Ethan Zuckerman, Author of “Meet the Bridgebloggers – Who’s speaking and who’s listening in the International Blogosphere“, hugging the globe:

Here is a short overview of his achievements:


  • Zuckerman dropped out of graduate school to co-create, one of the first successful “dot com” enterprises
  • Geekcorps (a project about media development in the third world)
  • Global Voices Online (the perfect bridgeblog)
  • mediacloud (open-source content analysis tool that aims to map news media coverage of current events)


  • is at the M.I.T. since 2011 in the “MIT Media Lab” and in the “Comparative Media Studies program” and heading the “Center for Civic Media”

selected Publications:

this  is his blog:



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